The NEW...
Designed for surveying,
civil engineering and construction
Powerful processing and
CAD software
Civilcad Magnet...
The essential tool for data transfere
The calculated data are available
quickly for lay out on the field
Civilcad Magnet provides a wide variety
of graphics routines designed to make
it simple even the most complex
Regardless, the device used in the field
Civilcad Magnet has the solution
Civilcad MAGNET™
Powerful processing and CAD software
Designed for surveying, civil engineering and construction

Civilcad MAGNET Office V2.7 is the latest release of Office software for Surveying, Civil Engineering and Construction.

Civilcad MAGNET Office is the new name for the software suite. It retains the look and feel of Civilcad 7 so existing users can easily upgrade to the new version.

Since its inception in 1982, Civilcad has been the trusted tool for survey professionals to complete cadastral and topographic surveys, terrain modelling, volume calculations and road and drainage designs.


Civilcad MAGNET delivers new power to your office and organization with cloud-based computing that enables you to work faster and more productively than ever before.

Now, with powerful new MAGNET enhancements, Civilcad MAGNET keeps the reliable Civilcad functionality you’re used to, with the added benefits of cloud-connectivity and our most cost effective maintenance structure yet!



Civilcad Magnet Office Topo

For all Surveying project and Volume calculation.

An ideal solution for subdivision layout, contour and DTM creation, as well as volume calculations and final survey drawings or models.

Based on AutoCAD RealDWG, a full set of surveying and site development functions is available from within the MAGNET family of products.

  • Full subdivision layout – use predetermined area routines to accurately divide tracts and boundaries of land.
  • Contour and DTM creation, volumes, automated pad design.
  • User defined title blocks, symbols and line types.
  • Enterprise enabled – subscribe to MAGNET Enterprise and upload, download, communicate and gather data in real time from the field.

    ONLY $2 200 CDN extra tax


Civilcad Magnet Office Site

For all Engineering design projects for Roads, Drainage and Sewer, it also includes the Topo options. 

The all-inclusive CAD office software package that allows you to work with multiple designs on different scales within the same project and perform calculations, adjustments and point cloud creation in survey view, or drafting functions in the drawing view.

  • Specific Elevate Menu for elevating 2D designs into 3D models.
  • Full road design functionality.
  • Contouring
  • Import PDF files
  • Cut/fill view
  • Multiple volume routines
  • Automated data cleanup for model preparation
  • Layer groups for easy project management
  • One click surface (DTM) creation
  • Powerful Create Parallel Figure routine
  • Enterprise enabled – subscribe to MAGNET Enterprise and upload, download, communicate and gather data in real time from the field.  
  • Advanced Topcon Resurfacing Module available.

ONLY $6 325 CDN extra tax



included with Civilcad MAGNET Office

Civilcad MAGNET Office comes complete with MAGNET Tools, MAGNET Tools is data processing software to assist with the transfer of data from field to the office.

It also allows for the transfer of data between MAGNET datasets and Civil3D, 12D, ESRI.   

Civilcad MAGNET™ V2.7
Available now !!!